About Us

Primary Support Systems has been providing Internet, Computer hardware and software technical support and other IT services since 1991. Serving Toronto (North York, Downsview, Thornhill, Markham, Richmond Hill etc..)  We work closely to understand your requirements and provide real-time solutions that meet them.  It’s our goal to ensure your infrastructure is secure, maintained and efficient.

We at PSS believe in establishing a relationship with our customer and building off of it.  We’re proud to say the majority of the clients we had in the early 90’s are still with us today!

As technology moves forward ever faster the need for qualified technical assistance becomes paramount and Primary Support Systems was founded for just that reason.

With the economy uncertain as it is, we’ve begun to work with our customers by analyzing their existing services and finding ways to minimize their costs.  Finding the bottom dollar savings has almost become another extension of our business.  None-the-less, our main focus remains on ensuring your data is available to you when you need it!

We understand the health of your IT is directly aligned with the health of your business. Primary Support Systems offers the products, capabilities and customer support services required to keep your firm, office or home network running optimally.

Most companies don’t take the time to understand their customers requirements, we do.  We work hard to help you make sense of what you already have in place and make suggestions that can help you take control over your technology.  We don’t just fix problems; we explain why they happened and how to avoid them in the future.  To us, your not just a number.  You’re as unique as they come and we value the relationship above all else.

We strive to supply solutions, by carefully comparing available technologies, testing and evaluating technologies and finally make our educated recommendation to assist you in making the choice that’s right for you.

We take pride in working with you either independently or with your support team to provide relevant assistance to your everyday environment.  We study and assess both open source and proprietary solutions to help keep costs down and efficiencies up.  This is a unique approach in the computer industry, and our clients love it!

In order to provide quick and timely support, we’ve heavily invested in our remote assistance and management system allowing us to securely access and control any network we’ve been given rights to.  Within a few short seconds a technician can be resolving the issue your experiencing.  It’s just short of magic!

Alternatively, if you’re in our area we welcome your business for onsite service as well.  In an effort to provide the highest level of quality support we limit the amount of onsite service clientele to a pre-defined geographical radius around our office.

If you’re environment can benefit from having access to highly skilled and certified technicians available within a few minute drive, we can offer so much more in services at so much less than a full time employee.  This is certainly another area where we are particularly proud of our customer service record.  Instant access to a team of certified/qualified technicians would normally cost a fortune, not so with Primary Support Systems.

To sum it up,  we develop, build and nurture relationships with our customers over time. We get to know our clients inside and out and take great pride in having a modest “core” group of companies we service regularly. Our business has grown without any advertising and has been built mainly upon word of mouth. Because we feel the only way to properly service you is to get to know you well. We commit to providing only the BEST services to our clients in a quick, effective and cost efficient manner with a personal touch. You can rest assured you’re not just another number in a long queue waiting to be serviced.

Primary Support Systems proudly serves the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond.  We effectively limit our onsite service to a pre-defined radius around our head office in order to provide the fastest onsite service possible.  With our remote assistance service we provide services across North America and sometimes internationally within minutes of receiving a support call.  Our offices are open to the public for computer drop-off by appointment only.

If you require support, please contact us at 416-736-4888 or open a support ticket by clicking here.


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