Network Consultation

If you are looking to build a new network or assess your existing network we have the qualified accredited staff to get you the answers you need.  An initial consultation will be performed to establish a baseline analysis of your existing infrastructure or your ideal goal for a new infrastructure.  We’ll carefully review every detail of your business and propose a reliable, stable, secure, efficient and cost effective networking environment.  Our focus will be to incorporate your needs with best practice solutions for your environment in order to provision the needs of your users, while reassuring management of security, data integrity, and longevity.  As every company differs in someway or another, so to does the network design and implementation. We evaluate those differences and suggest strategic solutions that best meet our clients budget and overall view of what their network should provide.

PSSNET’s certified technical engineers provide end-to-end network design and implementation services. We’ll cover everything from establishing your business needs assessment to implementation of every facet of your infrastructure. This includes network segmentation, firewall selection, access control policies, directory implementation, security, redundancy etc…

Network consultations and integration are a close kin to computer integration, so feel free to learn more about our systems integration or contact us now and we’ll work with you directly.