Computer Integration

Small to medium-size businesses must address the issue of non-integrated systems at some point or they risk falling behind to their competition and ultimately paying a far greater price.  In order to address this concern Primary Support Systems, can work towards evaluating the current state of your systems environment and create a proposal/implementation plan to integrate your systems Infrastructure.  The process begins with a needs analysis of your company and ends with an implementation plan ready for execution.  Together we’ll determine the best manner in which to establish efficiencies in your firms networking and computer systems environment.

Where most companies stop at the implementation plan, we’ll do one better, we’ll actually implement the plan for you should you wish us to do so.  Our goal is to ensure the smooth and effective operation of your systems infrastructure.

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The evaluation and implementation of a computer integration plan for your small to medium business is something that will help you modernize your business and help you stay ahead of the competition. Contact us today!

    Just some of the review items we’ll go over…

    1. Cloud Migration
      User migration from on-premises to the cloud
    2. Security
      Evaluate existing security infrastructure
    3. Mobile Computing
      Manage endpoints and mobile devices
    4. User parameters and access rights
      Manage Identities and Privileged Users globally
    5. Telephony Considerations
      Modernization of telephone to computer integration
    6. And so much more…
      Build a Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity / Backup platform Virtualization of servers/desktops Allow IT Department to focus on critical issues by working with a Managed Services / Remote Help Desk program etc…

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