4 Reasons to Use Managed IT Business Services

Managed IT Services

4 Reasons to Use Managed IT Business Services

When you need small business computer support, working with a managed services provider is a smart option. A  company that specializes in IT services can provide your business with solutions and security that give you a competitive advantage.

Here are 4 advantages to working with a managed IT service provider for small business computer support.

1. Cost Reduction

Working with a managed services provider reduces costs throughout your company. By assessing your technology and providing cost-saving solutions, you’ll reduce expenses for software, hardware. networking and security. You’ll also know your operating expenses, with a flat monthly fee for IT services and support. Shifting to hosted cloud solutions means no need for an on-premises data center, meaning you will not pay expensive space, utilities and power expenses.And with a dedicated team monitoring and managing your solution, you can redeploy internal IT employees to more critical tasks.

2. Improved Security

Cyberattacks are increasingly targeting small businesses. A managed services provider delivers a comprehensive array of services, including:

  • Monitoring of your network with next-generation firewalls that detect, contain, neutralize and report on threats
  • Software updates that are installed automatically, ensuring that patches, upgrades and updates are in place to provide the latest safeguards
  • Anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing software, automatically updated, that protects users and networks from intrusions
  • Robust password, authentication and mobile device policy development that makes it even more difficult for hackers to access data and systems
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery services to restore systems and data when necessary

3. Proactive Approach

Too many small businesses take a break-fix approach to their technology. In the short run, such an approach may solve an immediate issue, it is far more expensive and inefficient in the long run. Work with your managed IT services provider to complete a comprehensive assessment of your technology and develop affordable, effective solutions. This proactive approach allows for the identification of vulnerabilities and opportunities that can prevent issues from affecting your business.

By actively maintaining your technology, you will get more out of your devices and systems. A managed services provider also can help with scalability, allowing your business to increase capacity quickly to accommodate business growth and expansion, without the need to purchase and install additional servers to handle more data.

4. Focus on the Core

You need small business computer support that eliminates worry and distraction for you and your employees. A reliable, expert technology partner keeps an eye on every piece of your systems and networks, letting you focus on core business functions. 

A managed services provider also helps you prepare for the future, providing guidance and counsel for your leadership that helps understand trends, opportunities and technologies that could affect your business. Engaging your IT partner in your strategic planning and budgeting leads to better business results.

For more information on the services and knowledge that you need for your small business, contact Primary Support Systems today.

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