5 Signs You Have a Computer Virus

Computer Virus Alert

A computer virus can cause significant damage, whether to a single device or your entire business. Hackers are increasingly targeting small businesses with cyberattacks that can steal data, disable systems or force companies to pay large ransoms to regain control of websites and networks.

The consequences are significant. A virus can bring down a business quickly, leading customers to look elsewhere. If sensitive data is compromised, the damages — financial and reputational — can be catastrophic.

The challenge for small businesses is that often a virus can lie dormant and go undetected. That’s why for computer support Toronto businesses look to Primary Support Systems for comprehensive security solutions that detect, contain and prevent viruses.

Here are 5 signs you might have a computer virus.

1. Slow Operation

If a document takes longer to open or a software app is slow to load, it could mean that there’s a virus on your computer. If your internet connection to websites lags, it’s another sign that your computer could be compromised.

2. Lack of Hard Drive Space

Some viruses will consume large amounts of data storage. Your computer is likely to alert you when you’re running low on storage space. Be sure to take a look at the hard drive, especially if it has suddenly and unexpectedly run out of storage. Also look to see if there are any files missing. Some malware programs work by filling up available hard drive space in order to cause a system crash.

3. Frequent Crashes

If your computer starts shutting down out of the blue, you need to have it inspected immediately. If your computer crashes or you get the dreaded blue screen of death appearing, your files and device may be in danger. Back up your files quickly and have your computer and network scanned.

4. Programs Starting and Stopping on their Own

Are software programs opening and closing without any user interaction? Are you getting alerts that you’ve lost access to certain devices? Both are signs that someone or something is taking control of your computer.

5. Pop-Up Ads

The sudden appearance of pop-up ads is both an obvious and frustrating sign that some malware or adware is on your computer. Often these ads come in batches, with frequent and repetitive windows filling up your computer screen.

Primary Support Systems offers computer support Toronto companies need to combat against viruses. We offer monitoring services that will prevent viruses from taking hold and top anti-virus solutions that automate the defense of your devices. If your computers have been hit with a virus, we can detect and destroy it and repair files and applications that have been corrupted. To learn more about our computer virus defense services, contact us today.

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