Voice Over IP is a Computer Based Internet Solution

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Network consulting is all about helping you figure out which computer-based services best meet the unique needs of your company. One service that can save money is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and it is revolutionary.

How VoIP Works

Rather than use a regular phone line, VoIP allows you to make telephone calls through the Internet. You use it just like a traditional phone and can call local, international, and mobile numbers. The difference is, the service you receive comes via a cell tower (like a mobile phone), rather than analog.  

VoIP works by converting your voice into a digital signal and sending it through the Internet. If you are calling a regular phone, that signal is converted to a regular phone signal before the other party answers. One of the things that sell us on VoIP is the ability to call directly from a computer, VoIP telephone, or a traditional telephone connected to an adaptor. Because calls go through cell towers, you can use a wireless hot spot to make calls from any place that allows you to connect to the Internet.

Equipment Needed

You’ll need a high-speed Internet connection, and a computer, specialized phone, or adaptor. If you do use your computer, you’ll also need some software and a microphone.

Advantages of VoIP Service

  • VoIP equipment is relatively inexpensive
  • Some VoIP services allow you to speak with more than one person at the same time
  • Your computer does not need to be turned on to make calls using a specialized VoIP phone or easy adaptor
  • You can use your computer while you talk on the phone

Disadvantages of VoIP Service

  • Depending upon your servicer, 9-1-1 calls may be handled differently than 9-1-1 calls made from a regular phone
  • Some services do not work during power outages
  • Some services do not provide directory assistance

Benefits to Your Business

Now that we’ve given you a better idea of what VoIP is, let’s talk about how it can benefit your business.

  • VoIP can save money. It is natural to install more phones as your business grows. However, those installations and operating costs can quickly add up. Modifying your phone system to VoIP means you will run your phone calls through the Internet you already pay for and can cut the cost of paying the phone company.
  • With VoIP in place, video conferencing suddenly becomes simpler. You will have the ability to switch various formats – including image, text, and video – in order to customize video presentations.
  • If your business plans to employ remote workers in the next few years, VoIP will allow those employees to remotely use the voice, data, and fax services of your office through an intranet. In fact, if you’re on a tropical island on vacation, you can access those same services anywhere you have access to the Internet.
  • VoIP can increase productivity by offering features like built-in contact lists, virtual numbers, caller ID, and voicemail. You can even set the system up so that messages are forwarded to several co-workers in one click, or a voicemail-to-text transcript can be sent to your email account for you to review later.

One of the best things about network consulting is having the opportunity to introduce you to new services, designed to save you time and money. VoIP is one such service.

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