Securing Business Emails using DKIM/SPF/DMARC

DKIM, SPF, ARC, DMARC - Protecting modern day mail

In today’s digital landscape, securing business emails has become more critical than ever. With cyber threats evolving constantly, it’s essential for organizations to implement robust measures to safeguard their communication channels. One of the latest and most effective tools in mail security is the combination of DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting,

Why is External Computer Support So Important?

Technology is an essential feature of businesses today. This means companies also require professional IT support to keep their system running smoothly. These days, you can’t expect to expand your business without improving your IT infrastructure. Some of the most successful companies in this era are those which have adopted digitalization. Before delving into the

Steps for Small Businesses to Get Started on the Digital Transformation Path

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is at the core of businesses of all sizes today. Driven by technologies that are revolutionizing the way we live and work, digital transformation is paramount for any business that wants to maintain a competitive advantage. Knowing how to get started with digital transformation can be a daunting challenge for small businesses. However,

4 Reasons to Use Managed IT Business Services

Managed IT Services

4 Reasons to Use Managed IT Business Services When you need small business computer support, working with a managed services provider is a smart option. A  company that specializes in IT services can provide your business with solutions and security that give you a competitive advantage. Here are 4 advantages to working with a managed

5 Signs You Have a Computer Virus

Computer Virus Alert

A computer virus can cause significant damage, whether to a single device or your entire business. Hackers are increasingly targeting small businesses with cyberattacks that can steal data, disable systems or force companies to pay large ransoms to regain control of websites and networks. The consequences are significant. A virus can bring down a business

Voice Over IP is a Computer Based Internet Solution

cropped tech support toronto 01

Network consulting is all about helping you figure out which computer-based services best meet the unique needs of your company. One service that can save money is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and it is revolutionary. How VoIP Works Rather than use a regular phone line, VoIP allows you to make telephone calls through the

OSI Seven-Layer Model: Where Does Layer 0 Fit In?

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In an effort to make the different interactions that occur within a network infrastructure easier to understand, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) created the Open System Interconnection (OSI), model. Each of its seven layers contains certain elements that are designed to work together seamlessly to provide the right small business computer support.  Is Layer

10 Best Practices for Migrating From Windows 7 to Windows 10

computer support toronto 01

Microsoft is ending support of Windows 7 in early 2020, meaning companies need to make plans now to ensure a successful migration to the Windows 10 operating system. Complex migrations such as these are why so many companies turn to Primary Support Systems for IT support in Toronto Why Migration Is Necessary Microsoft has announced

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